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Heart-based CoachingĀ®



The Coaching Perspective OC Talk Radio

Host Doug Gfeller interviewed Eric Kohner about Team Coaching Zone

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Carlyne was a Contributing Columnist of Asian Journal


Highly Recommended

~ Co-active Coaching by Whitworth, Kimsey-House, Sandahl

~ Driven To Distraction by Hallowell, Ratey 

~ The Zen of Groups by Hunter, Bailey, Tailor  

~ It Takes a Village by Clinton  

~ Hillel, If Not Now, When? by Telushkin   

~ True Love by Thick Nhat Hahn

~ The Path by Jones   

~ Hinduism by Pandey   

 ~ Coaching for High Performance by Davies   

   ~ Lefties by Fincher  

~ No Acting Please by Morris, Hotchkis    

~ Coaching That Counts by Anderson  

~ How to Talk So Kids Will Listen by Faber & Mazlish  

~ Coaching for Performance by Whitmore

 ~ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey

~ The Tipping Point by Gladwell

~ True Parenting by Hayward

~ Jesus CEO by Jones

~ The Sacred Tree by Bopp

~ Intuitive Living by Seale 

~ 10,000 Dreams Explained by Ball 

~ Coaching Agile Teams by Highsmith, Cohn

~ A Whole New Mind by Pink   

~ The Fifth Discipline by Senge  

 ~ Coaching Across Cultures by Rosinski 

~ Beginnings and Beyond by Gordon, Browne   

Education - Sir Ken Robinson